Creative Process
Antica Bottega degli Orafi is an art atelier for unique and personalized jewelry. The idea, the project and the creation of every single precious is designed by Baroni Maestro as a unique, single and unrepeatable. The jewelry can also be made to the customer's design or idea.

The Atelier
Marco Baroni

Located in the historic district Oltrarno San Nicholas, this small goldsmith's art workshop shows us the creations of a talented artist. Marco Baroni has the delicate and sure touch of the true craftsman, and the skilful creativity of those approaching the subject with passion, abandoning those commercial stereotypes that all conform and make it trivial.
Marco Baroni
Antica Bottega Degli Orafi offers the precious and delicate touch goldsmith artist Marco Baroni. Atelier Marco Baroni are created veritable works of art, free from commercial standards.
Among the most popular creations, you will find a very recent collection of men's jewelry that combine tradition and innovation: gold and iron, a witty combination of poor materials and precious, united wisely to harmonize the contrasts. Very popular are the band rings engraved diamond pattern, embellished with bright lively edges.
Atelier also realize engravings and special processes, according to the best tradition of craftsmanship.