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Handcrafted production of unique, tailor-made and customizable objects.

From the design to the creation of precious jewels and accessories, for women and men. Use of artisan techniques, chisel embossing, engraving, modeling, sculpture, precious stone setting, all done by hand. Exclusive "ferroeoro" processing for the new men's accessories line.

Atelier Marco Baroni offers the best quality of jewels produced by the experience of an artisan goldsmith who wisely works the materials chosen to manufacture precious jewels entirely handmade and according to the choice and taste of his customers.

Antica Bottega degli Orafi is an art atelier for unique and personalized jewels. The idea, the project and the creation of every single precious item is conceived by the master Baroni as a unicum, unique and unrepeatable. The jewels can also be made according to the customer's design or idea.