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Marco Baroni

Craftsman, Artist, Goldsmith

In a small shop in the San Niccolo district of Florence, the master goldsmith Marco Baroni performs the wonder, where the craftsmanship blends with the creative flair giving rise to precious noble and unique, true miniature sculptures.

A jewel signed Marco Baroni is a real small, extraordinary masterpiece of art, in it there is all his creative flair, his boundless passion, there is the firm and delicate hand of the craftsman who invents the precious object from nothing. , and, above all, there is authenticity, because in the works of the Master nothing has the commercial habit of repetitiveness, each piece is conceived, designed, created and modeled exclusively for the person who will receive it as a gift.

All his masterpieces present a very precious and refined elaboration,
where the ancient and very difficult workmanship manages to touch extraordinary peaks of originality and modernity,
with innovative solutions and delicate technical hazards.
Marco Baroni
Marco Baroni

But what most characterizes a jewel of the Master is the careful attention to the most meticulous details, already visible to the naked eye, and a symbol of craftsmanship, which his hands elevate to pure art; nothing in them is ever so banal or repetitive, and even the simple closure of a bracelet is studied in detail, conceived and created specifically for the object, becoming a unique, original element that embellishes the work, harmoniously and starting from noble materials, such as gold or diamond, or from humble materials, such as iron, and with skill, wisdom, and mastery, Marco Baroni works them to create wonder, to wear.